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Decentralised Music

First Platform on Blockchain which supports independent artists as well as commercial labels to improve the user experience. Think of Musards like Youtube for Music

Multiple Formats

Musards as a platform supports streaming Songs, Podcasts as well as Audiobooks and will keep evolving as per user needs. Be it the Top 20 Trending songs or Language Learning Podcasts, Musards has it all

100% Revenue to Artists

Musards will initially be built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain but will soon move to an Independent Blockchain. This is to ensure transparency and complete revenue to independent and budding Artists

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Why Musards is Different

How Musards will disrupt the entire Audio Entertainment Industry


Users will be able to earn musards on the platform for free by doing some tasks such as watching a partner video advertisement or downloading an app which they will spend on our platform thus creating the first ever legal way of downloading paid content for free


Musards aims to increase revenue without taking the share of independent artists by implementing Video Ads, Native Audio Ads, Tips to our own Radio Station, Promotion of artists in return for Musards and 0.25% Exchange fee when converting Musards via the in-app exchange


Musards will support streaming songs and other audio files for free by occasionally giving native audio advertisements and partner with Record Labels as well as Independent Artists thus being the first competitor to Spotify and Apple Music on Blockchain and to other Blockchain startups


After Migrating to our independent blockchain, we will implement Hybrid POW/POC Algos and after three quarters we will shift to hybrid POS/POC Algos. This prevents early adopters from controlling the monopoly and does not allow Musards to be centralised. Proof Of Capacity algorithm will allow the storage of media files and songs on decentralised nodes

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