Musards Airdrop Round 1

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Musards Airdrop Round 1

Airdrop Round 1 has ended. Join airdrop Round 2 here

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Free Airdrop

Musards will be conducting three rounds of Airdrops to distribute Musards equally and fairly to early adopters and community members. The airdropped tokens will help in establishing and showing the usability of the platform to new members. Airdropped Musards will be distributes after the PreSale and ICO to all the registrants Ethereum Addresses.

To be eligible for the Airdrop, all members need to join the official Telegram group here and follow the Official Musards handle on Twitter at @OfficialMusards here and Retweet our Pinned Post. All entries will be checked and if any registrant does not meet the requirements, the entry will be disqualified and will not be eligible for the airdrop. Multiple entries are NOT allowed and will result in disqualification of both the entries.


27 Responses

  1. I see great and dope project..let’s look forward for the best.nice project

  2. Obus says:

    I see great project in view. Kudos

  3. amber cortez says:

    looking forward to this thank you and godbless

  4. iqbal maulana hafidin says:

    i like musard airdrop

  5. Ekokota Favour says:

    Thank yoyu MUSARDS

  6. Ekokota Favour says:

    MUSARDS great job,thank you

  7. Jessie says:

    musard airdrop is the best

  8. raju says:

    Look like A great project

  9. Ignacio says:

    What is exactly required in the Retweet Link in the form? I cannot link to my own retweet, but rather to the @OfficialMusards one, which is the linked one where it says “HERE”. I have instead put a link to my user account, where the retweet can be seen. Is that ok?

  10. Asad says:

    It Looks awesome project 🙂

  11. sapan Kr mishar says:

    Graet project.. may God bless…

  12. Lalchand sharma says:

    Great airdrop I am join this airdrop

  13. jahangir ahmad says:


  14. anas almzarzaa says:

    Graet project….

  15. Rovelyn Delloro says:

    Great project,,,GODBLESSED

  16. Naile Özel says:

    Nice proje

  17. romel says:

    nice project!

  18. romel says:

    love this project

  19. Alexei says:

    super project,which will not leave anyone indifferent,participate in this project and you will stay happy

  20. Onome Kenneth ochuko says:

    This is a very great and intelligent project.

  21. Ricky says:

    Nice one musards

  22. Ricky says:

    Feels like im inlove with this thing

  23. HAN LE says:

    Dear All.
    Any one received token from Airdrop round 1 yet ???

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