Community Rewards

Music on Blockchain

Earn upto 50 Musards for Free

Earn 5 Musards for every task you complete. You can do all 10 tasks and earn 50 Musards or do 1 and earn 5 Musards. If you’ve done some of these already as part of airdrop, you can still fill the form to earn extra Musards for free


1. Subscribe to Telegram Channel-
and Join official Telegram group-

2. Follow official Twitter account at

3. Like official Facebook page and share latest post with #Musards #Presale #ICO #Crypto at

4. Follow Twitter account(2) at

5. Change Telegram profile picture to this and change display name to “<Your Name> //”

6. Follow official Instagram page at and like recent posts

7. Subscribe to official YouTube channel at

8. Subscribe to official Reddit and upvote recent post at

9. Follow account on Steemit and upvote post at

10. Follow Medium account and clap this post

After doing your preferred tasks, fill this form –