Music on Blockchain

To conduct the ICO and Presale, Musards will make use of the smart contract feature on the Ethereum Blockchain and issue ERC20 tokens. From the funds received from the ICO, Musards will develop it’s own independent Blockchain and will conduct a 1:1 token swap for all ERC20 token holders to migrate to our own Blockchain. Our own blockchain will allow artists to receive the complete reward that users give on the platform fast and safe and allow the platform to function smoothly and without error. An independent Blockchain will help storing files and songs on independent nodes all over the world with the help of POC (Proof of Capacity) Algorithms on the Blockchain

Specifications of Musards ERC20 Tokens and Platform

Total Supply: 94 Million

Circulation Supply: 55 Million

Files will be stored on the IPFS and linked on the Ethereum Blockchain

Specifications of Musards on Independent Blockchain

Circulating Supply at time of Migration: 55 Million

Max Supply to be Mined: 100 Million [6 Million]

Mining algorithm: Hybrid POW/POC for 6 Months and then Hybrid POS/POC

Files will be stored on nodes under POC Algo and linked to Blockchain